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I want to get a tattoo, what do I have to do?

There are generally several possibilities: You are always welcome to send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a description of your tattoo or use the contact form on our homepage. We always need at least a rough explanation of what you have in mind, as well as an approximate size and on which part of the body you want the tattoo. Reference pictures, rough sketches or photos are always welcome. If you want to have a lettering made, send us a reference for the font you have imagined. You can find a huge selection at You can also stop by the store anytime during our regular hours for a quick consultation. We can always help you find the right tattoo artist for your idea and go over the details with you. There is also the possibility to contact our tattoo artists directly via their e-mail address or Instagram accounts. Please keep in mind that direct inquiries usually take a bit longer to get back to you if the guys and gals are busy or traveling. The fastest and most reliable way is always to write to us at the store. We will then make sure that your request lands as soon as possible at your desired tattoo artist.

Do you take walk-ins or do I have to book an appointment?

With us you don't necessarily need an appointment, you can also come by spontaneously. We accept walk-ins every day as long as we still have capacity. In general, it always looks better during the week, the weekends are usually fuller. If you come by without an appointment, it is recommended to come as early as possible. The earlier you come, the better your chances of getting tattooed on the same day. Please note that there is no guarantee that we can accept you as a walk-in. Work that requires more intensive preparation and drawing time is also not feasible for us as a walk-in. As a rule of thumb, if something is larger than hand-sized, you should always book an appointment.

I saw a picture of a tattoo on someone else, can you do the same for me?

Very simple answer: No. Even in the age of Pinterest and Instagram, we refuse to copy the work of other tattoo artists 1:1. There is certainly always a gray area, where you have to weigh what is possible and what is not. For example, if someone wants to tattoo a tattoo from his favorite comic, this is usually no problem. We always ask you where you have a particular image or whether you know by whom it was drawn, if it is not obvious to us, and then weigh in each case what is feasible.

Who should I get tattooed by you guys?

If you still have no idea from whom you want to get tattooed with us, or have never been with us, it is definitely a good idea to first browse our homepage or our Instagram and get a first impression. All tattoo artists of our house crew and our guests are linked there with their latest work and individual profiles. You can also always write us an e-mail or ask in person in the store if you are unsure. Our store managers Maria & Yassi will be happy to advise you and help you find the artist that would be most suitable for your project.

How long do I usually have to wait for an appointment? Do you have a waiting list?

Each of our tattoo artists has their own bookings and days off. It is ALWAYS worth asking if we just still have time, whether you had a particular tattoo artist in mind or not or it is super short notice - we always have gaps in the calendar or last-minute cancellations and may still be able to accommodate you, perhaps even as a walk-in.

How can I book an appointment with one of your guests?

Our guests usually book their own dates and take care of their own deposits, please write to them directly. In the section GUESTS or on our Instagram you will find all the guests who are coming over in the foreseeable future with their respective contact information. If something goes missing and no contact can be made, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will take care of it.

Is there anything I need to know about my booked appointment? Do I need to bring anything with me?

The most important thing you need to bring to an appointment or walk-in is a valid identification document. This could be an ID card, passport, driver's license or similar. It must be an official identification document with a photo and date of birth. So a library card from 1982 is not sufficient. Please keep this in mind, as we are not allowed to tattoo you without a legal document - a photo on your cell phone is of course sufficient, as long as everything is clearly visible on it. We also recommend that you have eaten well within 4 hours prior to your appointment. Also, take a small snack and perhaps a sugary drink with you for your appointment, especially if you have a longer session ahead of you. Both should help keep your blood sugar from plummeting and prevent dizzy spells. Do not use any body lotions or the like on the day you are getting tattooed. Sometimes this can cause the pores to clog or the skin to puff up and make it harder for us to do our job. We also suggest that you don't show up to your appointment with a big hangover. The whole thing will be less pleasant for all involved and in any case more painful for you. We also reserve the right to refuse service to any customer who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, spouting racist/sexist or similar mental bullshit, behaving rudely towards us or our customers, or finding any other way to act like an idiot. Anyone who cannot behave decently has no place with us.

Can I bring my friend(s)/friend(s)/dog(s)/baby(s) to my appointment?

As much as we like you and your friends and sidekicks, we can't guarantee that we will have enough room for them during the tattooing process itself. We usually try to make it possible for ONE person to keep you company. However, on days when it is particularly busy, we may ask your friends to wait for you in the foyer. Our four-legged friends and children under 18 are also welcome, but they are only allowed in the foyer and are not allowed in the area behind the bar for legal and hygienic reasons. Please note that our staff cannot and will not take responsibility or supervision for them while you are being tattooed. So if you have a friend with you who can watch your dog or baby when you have an appointment, that is of course no problem.

Can I get a tattoo if I am not yet 18 years old?

It is not legally possible to get a tattoo below the minimum age of 18 years. Even a declaration of consent or presence of parents does not change anything. There may be studios that do this, we are not one of them and do not make exceptions. Besides, at that age, the skin is not yet fully developed, and you should really wait for that little bit of time. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I pay with EC or credit card?

Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer payments by EC or credit card and only accept cash payments. But don't worry, there are several ATMs and banks in the immediate vicinity.

Is it possible to get pierced with you?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any piercing services. This means that we can neither perform piercings, nor advise you on aftercare or problems, nor sell, repair or reinsert jewelry.

What happens if I am late?

We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late, please call us and let us know, we understand that buses and trains can be late or traffic can be nasty. As long as we know, everything should be fine. However, if you show up more than 30 minutes late, depending on the order situation, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to serve you and you may lose your deposit. If you decide not to show up at all, you will definitely lose your deposit and we may refuse to serve you in the future.

Down payment

For each booked appointment we need a deposit of 50€ from you. This must be paid logically in advance and can be done either in cash in the store or via Paypal. The deposit will of course be deducted from the total price of your tattoo. Please send us deposits only after prior consultation and after you have received the exact payment information from us. Deposits are non-refundable and serve as down payments for our artists. On the one hand this is to compensate their preparation time, on the other hand you should also keep in mind that we have kept the time free in your calendar and could not accept any other date and in case of cancellation you will lose money because we might not be able to reschedule the date at short notice. For larger appointments like Sleeves and Backpieces that are scheduled for a half or full day we take a deposit of 100€ because of the increased preparation time.

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